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alive and well.

Buffalo was a success (according to my standards!) And so glad to have a new hunting buddy along – that was fun M!! You’ve got a good eye for game girl. As well as a front porch. (!!!) Ohhh- I would love that! No accidents – besides a spilt mocha at a stop light. Shoot! [...]
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i got tagged! school basket dilemma.

So I took a bit of action on this battle of paper. It hasn’t resolved or fixed any of my problems. But it was fun and will be useful. First things first, Crissy asked what do I do with school paper and projects. Once I get it off my desk (challenge number one) most of [...]
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if the shoes fit:

BUY THEM! After all the grief of our junking spree there is a surprise waiting for a certain consumer. For the beat up soul suffering defeat as she just watched all the gold slip right through her fingertips at the last 3 shops. We all love retro shoes – yes, of course we do! But [...]
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striking out.

Sometimes the game and craft of seeking out steals and deals has its aches and pains. STRIKE ONE | STRIKE TWO | STRIKE THREE | Three great gold retro chrome rimmed tables. That’s three people! Any of which would be perfect for entering an aqua kitchen after rounding the corner of my gold living room. [...]
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buffalo boots and a rug.

As I was being overstimulated in Buffalo in a room full of goods, I could have missed this find. Thankfully, I have a tall friend who noticed these babies at what happens to be her eye level. I tried to not jump on them, (or her) they could fit Julie, or Heath. But the squealing [...]
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i’m it: craigslist.

I get on Craigslist for the first time, search vintage cupboard and this adorable thing appears! My traditional custom of seeing things first-hand (and touching, and ohhing and ahhing with coffee in hand with my emotional response), I’ve thought that to be my only option. But I’ve gotta say, I can get chills from online [...]
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craigslist: the tables? no!

Ok Julie. Yes, you are giving me a kick-in-the-pants, that has a sense of being kicked-while-I’m-down. (oh, that came across quite sad – I was going more for clever). So this whole Craiglist topic brought up an issue for me. You have all gotten to be an eye witness to the woes of my kitchen, [...]
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a blanket thanks.

Julie, yes, I adore blankies. I’m glad you’ve noticed. And I love the introduction to dottie angel, I am smitten. I dragged a bankie around as a little tot and they still have appeal to me. They say “come and sit with me – - stay as long as you like.” I want people to [...]
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some wish I coulds.

I have and continue to have issues with this household I live in. The girls have heard it all. I sway back and forth among my ponderings: we chose to buy the house, it is shelter thus I should always maintain an attitude of gratefulness, what were the builders thinking, and waiting for the changes [...]
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more to the subject of sitting

So, I’m listening Julie. Regarding sitting. I am drawn to the wholesome, been-there-done-that-yet-still-around, not here to judge you kind of seats. Check out this tattered aqua rocking bench – going for $295.00 to some lucky soul out there in the world. Whoever you are, I might dislike you a bit. Noticed this need to sit [...]
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