more to the subject of sitting

So, I’m listening Julie. Regarding sitting. I am drawn to the wholesome, been-there-done-that-yet-still-around, not here to judge you kind of seats. Check out this tattered aqua rocking bench – going for $295.00 to some lucky soul out there in the world. Whoever you are, I might dislike you a bit.

Noticed this need to sit as we strolled around Hunt and Gather. For one, life is tiring, but for two, it is somewhat torture to see these unbelievable items and die inside, and not be able to claim them all as my own. I want to take them all home. These two orange loungers are priced well at $25.00 each. After bracing myself a bit, the chair was plenty sturdy and I got into the swing of it. I love a chair that rocks or sways.

I know I really like something if my reaction is feeling annoyed. I mean irritated. Yet I gladly chose to come here and submit myself to this kind of pain. All you need to do is look up in these photo’s. Every pop of color. Are you dying?

I dream big dreams. But it does really seem my dreams would be bigger, my perspective on all that is swimming in my mind would be better, if I was not only just sitting, but in the lounge position on this $35.00 lounger with the view of this $95.00 umbrella. The coffee would taste better. I would drink it dark, out of one of these old thermoses. The kids would chose wooden toys verses electronic machines. My grass would actually be greener.

I really do get this worked up about the kind of old things that have that been-around-for-awhile, a bit broken in places and maybe some mending is required but this is me – take me as I am kind of posture towards life. No wonder I just need to sit – or lounge from time to time as I continue to mend and want more, and do life.

Sitting is most definitely required.

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