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pulling over for awhile.

Our family just got a big taste of summer. We visited my Finn-land*, my goodness, my take-my-breath away summertime of sweetness. After (what should be 7) 9.5 hours in the van trekking all the way to Northern Michigan, these blond heads were one of the highlights that made the trip oh-so worthwhile. Meet Mr. C’s [...]
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how many years now?

*smirk* Come on, aren’t we sweet? With just the most innocent PDA. (I am a church girl for heaven’s sake. Emphasis here on girl—and I suppose church too.) I love you Mr. K. Still like you too. Happy anniversary. — Illustration inspired by a string of lots and lots of gold and aqua moments with [...]
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a spring shower—

in honor of heath’s flower. Smile! The goal on my mind: a fresh-life-filled April shower. That’s easy (and easier with a few kind offers to bring something! thanks again dears!!) with some smiling faces around any room—then add to that a to die for pregnant tummy and basically we all-for-one-and-one-for-all shifted into spring gear right [...]
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week four: the plan

Christmas Christmas now is here! (Almost!!) We spend the Eve in the comfort of our own home with the B4 (or 4 and a 1/2) as guests. Cozy and nummy we will share a pot of  heath’s stew, crusty bread and my peanut butter banana cream pie that I just found a recipe for. I [...]
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in and out.

How exciting! A moving truck in our driveway. And these people I love moving in. Having one week to prepare for their stay we hauled, and lugged, and threw, and goodwilled our way to creating some space. I recall our first conversation: ”So-ahhh. What now – do you need to head back and get more things?” [...]
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perfect roasted chicken.

Anything more homey than a rainy day, napping toddler and roasted chickens in the oven? Feels like an experience of old Finn-land. Normally, one doesn’t necessarily wake up from the power going off, it being a quiet event and all. Except for how Mr. C with his loft-style living has this utter dependence on his [...]
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the monday doldrums.

Ugh. Hells bells. I am so dang tired, drained, and just want to nap today. Mr. C’s not up for that. Can’t see one kitchen counter… And then there is this picture. This is what stinks. This is what I would see women doing in my old world of Finn-land upbringing: there’s no TV on [...]
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