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now what??

Monday is here. The end of the month is here. And the end of the busiest 5 months known to this household is here. Today is the first day in a lonnng time where there are no sports to practice or drive to, not a meet to attend or a hockey game to cheer on [...]
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crying over spilt milk…

…and not just any milk. Special steamed milk from 4bucks, with two pumps of mocha and two shots of espresso. Dang. And I was really moving one foot in front of the other on this rainy Monday. I went from putting clothes away in my bedroom, bathing Mr. C, cleaning the bathroom while he bathed [...]
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breaking it down.

Likely you’ve caught on by now that keeping up is an issue for me. (And I am in no way referring to the Jones’ family.) I’m talking the day-to-day stuff like losing my keys or phone, the piles of unrelated clutter, and tasks left undone that now look too overwhelming to tackle. {I am beautifully [...]
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the bright side.

Your windows just got a remodel. Your sky just got brighter. It can be a cloudy day, but no longer gloomy. This is a a big deal. It’s a sunless Monday and here’s what one of my north-side windows has to say about it: Hear the bells tolling??? Thank you white snow for catching the [...]
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right is right.

And what is this prize you may wonder?? Good question. I stumbled upon this great product line one week ago and now proudly own a couple of items by Norwex, but with my pain-in-the-neck last week I didn’t get to play with them, therefore not being able to see for myself if they were utterly [...]
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tag, you’re it! clean out your basement.

Why must you clean out your basements friends? Because your parents are moving in. Yippy!! Ok. No really though. It will be a fun adventure. Nana and Papa are moving in for a short 3 months, with only a short weeks notice. Since space is limited here, the basement will need to transform into their [...]
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decison made: massage.

I went for the massage. In attempt to not repeat going into another Monday feeling life-less and drained, I chose some self care. As wise women have told me, self care is not selfish. Self care is of the utmost importance. And if all else fails there’s the ol’ standby: if mama ain’t happy, ain’t [...]
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the monday doldrums.

Ugh. Hells bells. I am so dang tired, drained, and just want to nap today. Mr. C’s not up for that. Can’t see one kitchen counter… And then there is this picture. This is what stinks. This is what I would see women doing in my old world of Finn-land upbringing: there’s no TV on [...]
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