EMILY: She’ll be the one you’ll hear before you see, but you’ll know her by her funky orange retro sweater and her half-caf, one-pump, full-whip mocha. And if you get to connect with her for more than 10 minutes, she might have restyled her hair a couple times by the end. Emily Haataja

JULIE: She’ll be the tall, two-second tea-steeper wearing the long, got-it-for-almost-free scarf. She’ll gladly share the bulk-sized jar of salted almonds she threw in her purse, but if she’s tapping on her iPhone, she can’t text and listen at the same time – so just hang on. Julie Rybarczyk

HEATHER: She’ll be the one with the dark, yes-it’s-completely-natural color and the born-with-it curls, topped off by a great hat. And if she’s got a dangerously sharp pencil and a fresh pad of paper, she’s probably wrapping her head around her next party, or the week ahead. Heather Bursch