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about time!

About time I get back on here. Holy cow. Time!!! A girl thinks—I will have running water in my sink, and appliances!! I’ve arrived!! But then the workers leave. And the work’s not exactly done. And the rest is all up to us. So…we start transitioning our lives back into the upstairs. But there is [...]
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it can really suck.

Oh happy day! The big boys are out of town deep in the woods and I’ve got Oreck on my mind. I have wanted an Oreck vacuum for 15 years. Maybe even longer….like since forever. Not sure when or how but the charms of this vacuum had me sold from what must have been a [...]
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maybe a little…

Not crazy. Just tired. Sure you might feel crazy—you might be acting crazy—have the character down pat both on and off screen—but it’s only the being tired part that is to blame. Being tired is crazy making. I have a little bit of experience in this area and it feels good to say it all [...]
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while you wait.

To quote Julie’s words, “forecast: 100% chance of depressing.” That’s been the deal outside and women all week that I have talked to have echoed this how-low-can-we-go kind of attitude. If you are feeling out of sorts, you’re not alone. I have reached my tipping point today. And I am not subscribing for a single [...]
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one less step for mankind: laundry.

Really? One less step? Is that possible? 1. The bringing the laundry down  2. sorting  3. washing  4. switching to dryer  5. folding  6. stacking in baskets  7. bringing to the correct rooms  8. putting away The hardest part for me is rounding that corner from the folding and stacking in baskets to the part [...]
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happy february!

Thanks Julie for your adorable take on the month of February. It’s the kind of calendar you’ll want to gaze at, letting your eye’s sink in while sipping English tea from your grandmothers china set. As you sip you dream of using phrases like: “If the weather is agreeable we shall take a stroll through [...]
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crying over spilt milk…

…and not just any milk. Special steamed milk from 4bucks, with two pumps of mocha and two shots of espresso. Dang. And I was really moving one foot in front of the other on this rainy Monday. I went from putting clothes away in my bedroom, bathing Mr. C, cleaning the bathroom while he bathed [...]
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breaking it down.

Likely you’ve caught on by now that keeping up is an issue for me. (And I am in no way referring to the Jones’ family.) I’m talking the day-to-day stuff like losing my keys or phone, the piles of unrelated clutter, and tasks left undone that now look too overwhelming to tackle. {I am beautifully [...]
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getting it out.

Ok. Glad I got that out. That felt good. Like really really good. Sorry to take it all out on you. Thanks for listening. Phew. —
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bracing myself.

AND YOU SHOULD TOO! This is the not new look in the burbs: Brace yourselves people! This is me—em-bracing it. Making it happen. Working it. Living-it-up. It’s the scarf look with a medical edge to it. The clean lines and custom fit work on anyone. Recall that little back pain mishap? Well, it has found [...]
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