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it can really suck.

Oh happy day! The big boys are out of town deep in the woods and I’ve got Oreck on my mind. I have wanted an Oreck vacuum for 15 years. Maybe even longer….like since forever. Not sure when or how but the charms of this vacuum had me sold from what must have been a [...]
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happy april!

As it rains outside (let’s hope it’s rain!!!) here is a sprinkling of 5 minute to-do’s so you can make some ground around your home-sweet-home. Yes – it appears someone came in the middle of the night and transported my brain to that of a ’50s housewife. (or maybe that of a cheesy poet.) No, [...]
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storage room * secrets.

I heard a bird chirp and saw some melting snow and puddles forming. Ahh…. to the storage room I go!! But really??? And no loveliness of spring down here! I have been here before—this view. Yea, I’ve gone so far as to take a peek – maybe shoving things around a little. Shuffle shuffle. The [...]
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one less step for mankind: laundry.

Really? One less step? Is that possible? 1. The bringing the laundry down  2. sorting  3. washing  4. switching to dryer  5. folding  6. stacking in baskets  7. bringing to the correct rooms  8. putting away The hardest part for me is rounding that corner from the folding and stacking in baskets to the part [...]
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breaking it down.

Likely you’ve caught on by now that keeping up is an issue for me. (And I am in no way referring to the Jones’ family.) I’m talking the day-to-day stuff like losing my keys or phone, the piles of unrelated clutter, and tasks left undone that now look too overwhelming to tackle. {I am beautifully [...]
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right is right.

And what is this prize you may wonder?? Good question. I stumbled upon this great product line one week ago and now proudly own a couple of items by Norwex, but with my pain-in-the-neck last week I didn’t get to play with them, therefore not being able to see for myself if they were utterly [...]
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tag, i’m it: office space.

Oh. The pain. The forcing myself to sit and go through papers and random objects. 3 bins. Yes. This system was very helpful. Also, knowing I needed a push so badly I tagged myself. Also wise. Do I need to keep this? Throw this? Or it needs more attention and time then I am capable [...]
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tag: we are it! office space.

Not trying to be a debbie-downer. Really. I am trying to both a dreamer and in reality both. This fall theme of wanting to get a bit more organized is a huge challenge for me. I look at the clearly noted issue above (to be honest, this is my desk on a good day) and [...]
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fall is coming.

And I don’t mean Mr. K. After being away for my 24 hours of fun, this walking in the door bit can really bite. As in – whoosh – I am overwhelmed – and regret how late I stayed up chatting. This time, this is what I see. Getting at all the dust bunnies from [...]
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