happy april!

As it rains outside (let’s hope it’s rain!!!) here is a sprinkling of 5 minute to-do’s so you can make some ground around your home-sweet-home.

Yes – it appears someone came in the middle of the night and transported my brain to that of a ’50s housewife. (or maybe that of a cheesy poet.) No, the ’50s version would have a lot more to-do’s and there would be lots of scrubbing, polishing and bleaching involved.

This plan is strictly focused on getting a few things out of cluttered areas. I think I might have a big head after my amazing accomplishment of late.

Already clutter-free?? Bringing another child into this world this month? Or taking on the day-to-day task of providing for house and home for the next 30?? First of all, congratulations on all counts. And maybe this is more to your liking:

For those wanting to give it the ole’ heave hoe download pdf here: April To Do Calendar

Give me a break pdf here: April Doing Nothing


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