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very charming.

Upon checking out at the register at my local Anthropologie, the cutest-of-cuties worker is setting up a display with a great big brown box of fresh shiny merchandise: lovely chains and shiny charms. I said something like “Oh! Oh!” and “Oh!!!!” Thankfully, she speaks my language and understood me as saying, “I wanna see! I [...]
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dboy’s turn to teen.

This afternoon I say, “hey birthday boy! Can I take some pictures of you in the backyard?” “Sure mom.” We then hear the little blond’s raspy voice, “yes! owside! let’s GO!!!” This is sounding familiar to me. A quick trip down memory lane here….as the E of the family, I recall my bigger brother Daniel [...]
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sunday: break.

No half caf. A large, three shots of espresso, 2 scoops of milk chocolate with whip mocha. Why the need to break the rules? Because I broke my back lugging my lumpus who rumpuses across a 100 yard football field of a church parking lot this morning. He actually kicked his pants off he while [...]
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for real?

This envelope came in the mail with the words parent or guardian, The Teen’s full name, and our address – all correct. This is not one of those accidentally got put in our mailbox and we get to give it to a neighbor. It is now sitting on my desk and I just keep looking [...]
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tag, you’re it! clean out your basement.

Why must you clean out your basements friends? Because your parents are moving in. Yippy!! Ok. No really though. It will be a fun adventure. Nana and Papa are moving in for a short 3 months, with only a short weeks notice. Since space is limited here, the basement will need to transform into their [...]
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my question of the day.

Do I spend my money on getting a massage? Or on a parenting class? Help! Relaxing massage photo by stevendepolo |  Mr. C photos by myself (no staging was required)
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getting down to earth.

Just picked up Dboy from the other side of the earth from his hockey camp on this 90+ degree day. He climbs in the van with a sweaty head and a fresh pack of skittles in hand. Those darn vending machines! He obviously picks up on my subtle-but-oh-so-dark-and-shameful-glare: “What else could I have gotten that [...]
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adventure for dannyboy.

A first for dannyboy. With cousin Grif he begins his own extended stay in Colorado as an official camper. Winding up the log framed path are these adorable a-frame cabins. Just plunked here and there with humble pride. Something about their littleness and sturdiness both kill me. The front lined porch is practical, fitting and [...]
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the teen’s life.

Being away. Still in the sweet phase of Teen life she went to Eagle Lake Camp in Colorado about a month ago. I am just antsy and curious to see her life here. Seeing this sign on the way in… Not so sure how I’m supposed to feel. I mean, is shooting an issue? (so [...]
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there she goes….

and there she went. I let her go. She is something. She asked for this camp volunteer experience, looked online for tickets, figured out check in and baggage requirements, and coordinated all the details with the aunty and uncle in Colorado. Asking her if she was nervous, (thinking along the lines of her leaving her [...]
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