there she goes….

and there she went. I let her go.

She is something. She asked for this camp volunteer experience, looked online for tickets, figured out check in and baggage requirements, and coordinated all the details with the aunty and uncle in Colorado. Asking her if she was nervous, (thinking along the lines of her leaving her home for 6 weeks, or flying alone maybe…) The Teen responds with “what would I be nervous about?” I guess that answers that.

I walk away with some good-gonna-miss-her hot tears. Both happy and slightly freaked out I slosh my feet back to the car. Was that good-bye enough? Did I go tell her what she would need to know? Yes, I did the whole find a mom with a child if you need help or have a question. I did the lecture – likely twice. And text me when you get to the gate – or even before then – as much as you would like.

I listen to her radio station on the way home. Just soaking in who she is. I hear the chime of my phone, she is at her gate. She even included a smiley face. She’ll be fine.

This is my slice of letting go to nibble on. For now this is more than plenty. Please, no offers of seconds.

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  1. Posted July 9, 2010 at 11:33 am | Permalink

    Look at her!!! Seriously. The confidence. Wow! We are ALL letting her go, just a little bit, but none more than you. Way to go, mom. She’ll be back.

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