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pulling over for awhile.

Our family just got a big taste of summer. We visited my Finn-land*, my goodness, my take-my-breath away summertime of sweetness. After (what should be 7) 9.5 hours in the van trekking all the way to Northern Michigan, these blond heads were one of the highlights that made the trip oh-so worthwhile. Meet Mr. C’s [...]
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it’s a new day.

I’m not the only one not complaining. *yay* —
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after bashy.

To be this liddle —just lump’us and rump’us-about so cozy-coz with nuggles and squirmy squishy-squish. ‘Gain and again. Lov-ew Mr. C. ‘Gain and again. —
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three times three.

With a post holiday stay of brother Dan and sis plus bonus friend Beth comes twin 3 year old girls and AJ, their 5 year old boy. Toss 3 year old Mr. C in the mix and here we go!! And go. And go again. Run-run and rumpus-about. Love the little sip and dog Mini [...]
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one, two, THREE!

1. ON YOUR MARK. On 11/10/2007 Mr. C made his mark. After a long journey into this new lifetime he sleeps. — 2. GET SET: After his long and last day of twoness – rumpusing and toddeling about – he sleeps. — 3. GO! Birthday boy! There he goes!! (and goes!!) Running today right into [...]
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magic pumpkin.

He makes it one house over from our Halloween bash. “Treat.” After Heaths’ kind neighbor hears he’s a first-timer, she looks for just the right thing and gently offers him a pumpkin sucker. He watches it fall into the bag. No more door knocking for him—immediately opening, Mr. C climbs into the stroller, leans back [...]
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sunday: break.

No half caf. A large, three shots of espresso, 2 scoops of milk chocolate with whip mocha. Why the need to break the rules? Because I broke my back lugging my lumpus who rumpuses across a 100 yard football field of a church parking lot this morning. He actually kicked his pants off he while [...]
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tag, you’re it! clean out your basement.

Why must you clean out your basements friends? Because your parents are moving in. Yippy!! Ok. No really though. It will be a fun adventure. Nana and Papa are moving in for a short 3 months, with only a short weeks notice. Since space is limited here, the basement will need to transform into their [...]
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my question of the day.

Do I spend my money on getting a massage? Or on a parenting class? Help! Relaxing massage photo by stevendepolo |  Mr. C photos by myself (no staging was required)
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and we’re off! (almost)

A little later than expected. My dad just called to see how Mr. C is doing in our car ride, my reply “we haven’t left yet.” And the Nana and Papa chuckle. Getting closer. Feel free to hope on our behalf that this smiley attitude sticks lasts a long while for Mr. C. Soon to [...]
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