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a good excuse.

No kitchen? I know just the place! Num!! After daring to cancel on a meeting and being brave enough to ask for what I need, I get the reward of sitting in beaming sunlight and listening to the quiet of no banging and heav-hoeing. Ahhh. Fresh white subway tile walls surround me and all I [...]
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it can really suck.

Oh happy day! The big boys are out of town deep in the woods and I’ve got Oreck on my mind. I have wanted an Oreck vacuum for 15 years. Maybe even longer….like since forever. Not sure when or how but the charms of this vacuum had me sold from what must have been a [...]
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easy for me.

After announcing he is going to take Mr. C for a boat ride and that I can have a break, Mr. K is all smiles upon hearing me reply with “can I come too?” Looking back from the nice seat offered to me I see Mr. K happily sitting on the floor of the canoe [...]
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it’s a new day.

I’m not the only one not complaining. *yay* —
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happy may!

Very happy! Truly. It actually feels like May today and I officially say welcome! Join us— you may even stay awhile as far as I’m concerned. Let us linger in your loveliness. Your 60′s never felt so good after this down and out dreary April. And I’d take any 70′s you have up your sleeve [...]
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now what??

Monday is here. The end of the month is here. And the end of the busiest 5 months known to this household is here. Today is the first day in a lonnng time where there are no sports to practice or drive to, not a meet to attend or a hockey game to cheer on [...]
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after bashy.

To be this liddle —just lump’us and rump’us-about so cozy-coz with nuggles and squirmy squishy-squish. ‘Gain and again. Lov-ew Mr. C. ‘Gain and again. —
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last minute!

Ahhh….. Left feeling a pound lighter and ready to spread this warmth around. Here’s to self care. Make those appointments friends…one and all. —
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bracing myself.

AND YOU SHOULD TOO! This is the not new look in the burbs: Brace yourselves people! This is me—em-bracing it. Making it happen. Working it. Living-it-up. It’s the scarf look with a medical edge to it. The clean lines and custom fit work on anyone. Recall that little back pain mishap? Well, it has found [...]
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tea for two at two.

I roam into the kitchen to put water on, and there is my dad doing the same thing. I say “time for green tea with some peach syrup?” I get out the syrup, he gets out the tea bags. We wait by the kettle. I say “I think it’s hot enough.” He says to wait [...]
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