now what??

Monday is here.

The end of the month is here.

And the end of the busiest 5 months known to this household is here.

Today is the first day in a lonnng time where there are no sports to practice or drive to, not a meet to attend or a hockey game to cheer on while chasing Mr. C about.

So if I would rather not, I don’t need to climb into the nasty crumb filled, blanket and toy tossed van with the frozen water bottle(s) left behind and empty starbuck cup(s) thrown about.

How very very proud I am of The Teen— practicing gymnastics 20 hours a week, getting her homework done, and even doing her own laundry (by choice! or – ok – maybe she just finally gave up on me…) It has been so much fun to cheer her on and all the new skills she’s learned. A big WAY TO GO from this mommy.

Hockey. Yes 5 months lonnnng also. From out of town tourneys to lots— and lots— of practices and games Dboy would come and go with a good attitude. Getting home looks like me asking all sorts of intriguing questions about how this or that went to then hear that same boyhood charmed reply of  ”good…” as he opens the fridge staring inside to then say “what’s there to eat?”

And where Dboy goes, there goes Mr. Koach as well. Wow. He will be home as well. As in any minute, he will be home from work, and not just screeching his tires up the driveway to just have Dboy run out with his hockey bag to then just put the truck in reverse. He will not leave the truck running.

Maybe we’ll have some conversations. Wow. Or we sit and stare together. First things first here – how about not freaking out on him? Huh? Be nice Emily.

So with every ending there is a new season and a beginning. There is new space. And so far I haven’t gotten to live it, but it is already present in my brain.

More time with our family – I am looking forward to that. Needed. And then there is the more time for myself part. (!!!) At least a recovery period anyways. So what to do? What is it I like again?? Is there a need I have??

Roam about? Start a project? Go back to school? (know of any 7 month programs?) Whip out a novel? Cook something? Or maybe a lot of things? Organize a pile or two? Sign up for a yoga class? Learn how to teach one?


I do love options.

What would you do?

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  1. Beth Johnsoon
    Posted March 1, 2011 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

    Take a yoga class…I am doing it twice a week and I am loving it!!!! Oh..Oh…learn how to teach and you can instruct me…

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