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i am inspired!

Thanks Anthro for going beyond funky with this wall art!! So out of the box. All 8 corners, I love it. And I think I could come up with the supplies needed—some old frames and scraps of fabric. Or photos. Maybe old ones. Or floral prints! Ohh…. I so hope I do. —
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shouldn’t be so kind.

This little cabinet of mine – it went from drab pine – to aqua shine. The golden knobs from Anthro, of course. I have liked liked— but not loved loved. * * * * * Maybe I treated it too kindly? Stop the madness. This is very much indeed what I would love. Like forever [...]
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we’re going in.

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the stars align.

I like others, love paper. And a new take on a wreath? Love that too. Here’s a clever idea from Little Birdie Secrets I came across. How fun! You have all the control over the colors – whether traditional green and red, or let’s say….maybe aqua and gold. If anyone has the time, and the [...]
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happy hour!

Hey all, Heather here for the girls. What to do with a weekend in front of you? A) If you are able, get in your car with someone special and go somewhere, anywhere but wherever you are. B) If you can’t do A, get in your car and go sit somewhere across from someone you [...]
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happy hour!

Hey, friends, it’s Julie here and it’s Friday again! It comes every week, thank God. This Friday, the weather is shifting up here in the tundra—and so is my wardrobe. I’m now wearing two shirts, a big sweater, a scarf, and fingerless gloves—and that’s my typing attire. Let’s not even talk about the layers I have to [...]
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happy hour!

Dearest friends of ours, Em here saying hello on this sunny Friday afternoon. “How am I doing today?” Thanks for asking! Heath mentioned the word calendar on her post, and that got me thinking and counting – yea – I am coming upon a special time that tends to make me feel not-so-sunny. At least [...]
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happy hour.

Hey all, Heather here for the girls. I don’t know about you but I slept through happy hour today. It was necessary and yet not so helpful if you know what I mean. Hope you are enjoying a person or two and a good beverage as we speak. Us girls haven’t seen each other in [...]
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tagged—and a give-away.

Loving this new, hip, up and coming blogger: the charming elephant. She just happens to be adorable and happens to be a good friend of My Teen. Here they are, in random order: [ A prize give-away! Try to figure out which one is the ancestor of Emily (The Teen), and which one of Julie [...]
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tag: i’m it! because i can.

Thanks to she-seeks-and-finds Julie, I am the proud owner of aqua and canary yellow curtains. And SHR let me leave their premises with this way to good of a deal wallpaper. (sshhh!) Recall, I didn’t hog all the rolls. With some fun things to get creative with – and Julie stopping in for an afternoon [...]
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