happy hour!

Dearest friends of ours, Em here saying hello on this sunny Friday afternoon.

“How am I doing today?” Thanks for asking! Heath mentioned the word calendar on her post, and that got me thinking and counting – yea – I am coming upon a special time that tends to make me feel not-so-sunny. At least being in the know is a bit helpful. And now your in the know as well, sorry about that. I am more sorry for me than you—yet I have compassion for all involved.

What are you up to this weekend? I saw some traffic heading west early this afternoon—lots of boys-to-men with guns and gear. And woman folk, and any men out there who happen to get chills over any beat up piece of wood or metal used as a pot-rack, or coat-rack (anything other than a deer-rack), come one and all as we head west for our own treasure hunt. You’ve been tagged – and no – it’s not the kind hanging from your ear.

We just are simply saying get in the car so we can join you, not just so you can join us. Hear that? I would love to witness what gets you excited at these Buffalo shops – what moves you to tears that is old and falling apart? What color are you consistently drawn to? (As long as it’s not aqua we can be besties. Sassy. I know. And I’m working on this.)

Enjoy your Friday night. But don’t get too carried away— you will be getting up real early tomorrow for our high-noon hunting meeting. The only ammo/gear required is getting caffeine in your system as we each shell out a buck or two at Fourbucks.

What’s on tap with us this hour:

outs and ins | emily
magic pumpkin. | one-time was enough.
right is right. | and in depth investigation-and a winner.
having a sinking feeling. | feeling blue versus feeling aqua

shorts and longs | julie
happy halloween | the kid/adult friendly bash.
find of the day | she-seeks-she-finds rings true again.
what’s your story? | real and concise.
tag, you’re it: treasure hunt | yes – she means you!

olds and news | heather
i can’t decide | eenie-meenie-miney-mo.
watching the days go by | days looking pretty – on paper.
over sheets and words | they both make a statement.

See you tomorrow!

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