happy hour!

Hey all, Heather here for the girls. What to do with a weekend in front of you? A) If you are able, get in your car with someone special and go somewhere, anywhere but wherever you are. B) If you can’t do A, get in your car and go sit somewhere across from someone you like and talk or laugh or cry! C) If you can’t do A, don’t want to do B, do C and tell us what it was. I just like options and I like to keep them in mind for the future needs of life. My point? Options are essential.

For me, this weekend isn’t too hard to figure out since I haven’t had a good long talk with pretty much anyone I deeply care about. So for tonight that is my plan and I’m looking forward to starting the catch-up here at home. After that I’m exploring my options! I hope this weekend takes you somewhere, even if you don’t actually leave in your car. Here’s to the weekend in front of you and all the good it could bring. Happy Friday!

outs and ins | emily
first snow. | a little poetry from emily.
the bright side. | thank you, white snow.
off to work! | she went out, not in and she brought cuteness with her.

shorts and longs | julie
ready or not | is she ready now?
one voice in a million | and you can’t take that from me!
once upon a time | introducing cousin Q and he’s a cutie.
i’ve got mail | add metal and wheels to her loves, ok?

olds and news | heather
freedom sings | it’s our little secret.
thanks, friends | I won’t forget it.
whipped hot chocolate goodness | you just might want to make it–this weekend!

Have a good one!

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