happy hour.

Hey all, Heather here for the girls. I don’t know about you but I slept through happy hour today. It was necessary and yet not so helpful if you know what I mean. Hope you are enjoying a person or two and a good beverage as we speak. Us girls haven’t seen each other in days, just days. We tried though – e-mails all around, phone calls, Facebook and texts but it just wasn’t meant to be. Good thing I read the blogs this week so I have a clue what’s happening around here. But really, girls. There is much to chat about.

I’m going to get right to the list here and hope to see you in person or over here in blogland this weekend. Happy Friday and happy weekend to you all!

outs and ins | emily
tag: i’m it! because i can. | wallpaper, this is just the beginning, people.
bracing myself. | she can make anything look cute.
tagged–and a give-away | read and comment, my friends. Read and comment.

shorts and longs | julie
because I can | in case you haven’t heard, Julie likes a little pink here and there.
gone with the wind | we are all hoping this blows over soon.
just my type | not exactly a comfortable laptop, but typing nonetheless.
shake a tail feather | for a good laugh and some dancing tips.

olds and news | heather
red chile and chicken enchiladas | easy and good.
i got tagged: because i can | despair or the kitchen? Kitchen.
i got tagged: 8 questions from R-girl | ok, so I answered the questions.

Have a good night!

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