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about time!

About time I get back on here. Holy cow. Time!!! A girl thinks—I will have running water in my sink, and appliances!! I’ve arrived!! But then the workers leave. And the work’s not exactly done. And the rest is all up to us. So…we start transitioning our lives back into the upstairs. But there is [...]
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With the back of the van empty we head to IKEA for a nice Sunday’s drive. I have done this so many a time, tooling around all the loveliness * sighing * and * groaning * (in the most innocent sense of the word) at all the tidy kitchens. This time is different. First of [...]
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another kitchen perspective.

Here it is in black and white. The kitchen is just taking a little jaunt to the right of the house—here’s the layout of the back wall. The sink finds it’s new home under my previous dining room window. The kind of sink? Oh, just a basic white cast iron apron farmhouse style. Ok. Yea…it [...]
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what a trip.

A year ago we had the pleasure of housing Nana and Papa for bit. They are so great and the good news? Yes, they’re back! Our short-term live-ins are paying us a little visit—Papa with his gumption and Nana with her grace. Right off the bat dad asks if there’s an IKEA in my local [...]
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it can really suck.

Oh happy day! The big boys are out of town deep in the woods and I’ve got Oreck on my mind. I have wanted an Oreck vacuum for 15 years. Maybe even longer….like since forever. Not sure when or how but the charms of this vacuum had me sold from what must have been a [...]
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more me.

I’ve been spoiled of late. Like major. Lots of birthday to me – em as in more of me – focus. Think ginger, chocolate, cranberry and goat cheese. And that was just Tuesday afternoon. Afternoon snack? No—even better—these are some of the layers that were gingerly spread on my face with a bit of neck [...]
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it’s all how you look at it.

 Whirly and swirly, she feels fully alive and warm by the presence of snow. She takes it in. -or- Eyes squinting in the harsh wind she roams around the parking lot freaking out as there is no sight of her car. Or any car for that matter. Her words are carried by the whisper [...]
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bracing myself.

AND YOU SHOULD TOO! This is the not new look in the burbs: Brace yourselves people! This is me—em-bracing it. Making it happen. Working it. Living-it-up. It’s the scarf look with a medical edge to it. The clean lines and custom fit work on anyone. Recall that little back pain mishap? Well, it has found [...]
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sunday: break.

No half caf. A large, three shots of espresso, 2 scoops of milk chocolate with whip mocha. Why the need to break the rules? Because I broke my back lugging my lumpus who rumpuses across a 100 yard football field of a church parking lot this morning. He actually kicked his pants off he while [...]
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my question of the day.

Do I spend my money on getting a massage? Or on a parenting class? Help! Relaxing massage photo by stevendepolo |  Mr. C photos by myself (no staging was required)
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