more me.

I’ve been spoiled of late. Like major. Lots of birthday to me – em as in more of me – focus.

Think ginger, chocolate, cranberry and goat cheese. And that was just Tuesday afternoon. Afternoon snack? No—even better—these are some of the layers that were gingerly spread on my face with a bit of neck massage, steam, masks, moisturizing, and hydrating going on.

And on.

I’m talking 75 minutes where the only conscious brainwave I had was “hmmm….do I smell chocolate? Or is that citrus….or…..who cares.” Heaven. My birthday gift from Mr. K to me.

Fusion Lifespa. That is Fusion, Lifespa friends. People. Husbands. Men. Boys. Guys—buy a facial gift certificate. For your wife, mother, gal-pal, sister, daughter, grandma—somebody. Anybody. Seriously, I’ll even take it off your hands.

After recovering from all that loving – I am full swing into days of morning to evening, early to late solo parenting. Mr. K was no where to be found. Gone. Sightings at several ice rinks, but with all the coaches running about in those black coats – who really knows for sure. I had just….enough….fuel to keep present to the others’ needs that I am committed and honored to care for. Those constant needs, like waves they keep coming and coming – rapping onto the beach. Smaller and bigger there is no stopping them. The unending joy.

I wake with crystal clear focus on Saturday. It’s all been communicated – lined up and set—I have the day off.

Off to more pampering.

Hee hee.

Makeup free face forward I sit and ponder about some more bits of color in my locks of hair. I have these flecks of natural streaks – and based on that God given palette Cole and I decide to make me even more natural. Yes. That’s the train of thought.

Cole uses the words—caramel, honey….and chocolate.

Yes, I agree with those words and the process to come that will make me even more naturally beautiful. Yes.

Nothing odd about this at all. No. Just soaking in the honey and chocolate -  it will do what it naturally chooses to do.

Wa-laah! Ta-daah! Do you see what I see? It is like someone put the light on. Just a little shimmer – shim sham. Oh, naturelle mocha with two pumps of caramel and a honey drizzle.

Thanks Cole for what you do. Your holy hands making things even more than the before.

Going into 35 even more me—em.

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  1. Beth Johnsoon
    Posted January 19, 2011 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

    I want to see a finished product!

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