about time!

About time I get back on here. Holy cow.


A girl thinks—I will have running water in my sink, and appliances!! I’ve arrived!!

But then the workers leave. And the work’s not exactly done. And the rest is all up to us.

So…we start transitioning our lives back into the upstairs. But there is no furniture.

And people are really wanting to have a place to sit down. Badly.

Even poor puppy Mini is trying to create something soft to lay down on by fluffing up a drop cloth with her muzzle.

So… do we haul stuff in? Or, probably finish the floor first… and paint? Get counters ready?

I find myself starting to miss my little life in the basement and cooking on the skillet next to the laundry tub.

What is happening???

We need to paint. Install floors. Oil counters. And a scary POD gets delivered into the driveway full of items that we own. Too many items. Way too many items. I do not want them in this house.

And it’s a full moon. I am not a werewolf but sort of been acting like one these last few days. If somehow I got plunked into the woods I think a wolf pack would sniff we out and identify me as one of their own kind.

Oh, and I am getting to go on a very exciting vacation in one week. Birth Certificate required.

Can. Not. Find.

Is it in the POD??? Ummm. It could be???

Not sure I’m up for that search, so I use up one of Mr. C’s sacred preschool afternoons to go to my local county office. After waiting and filling out paperwork it’s my turn…

“Yes, I need a copy of my birth certificate.”

Oh. Right.

I was not born in this state.

Aww shucks.

I head home, go online and answer a quiz that requires me to call several kin folk for the answers. Apparently I don’t know what model car was registered to whatever home address and when I’ve sold houses and I do not pass the test.

Now scan and upload your ID here, enlarge by 200%, 2 shades lighter for view. You will be notified if your documentation is approved.

Oh my. Hells bells, I up my order to two birth certificates (????), hit overnight express shipping and sweat out the last couple of days wondering if I will be indeed joining my daughter and sisters and mother on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation…..?!?!?!?!

To be continued…!

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