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the stars align.

I like others, love paper. And a new take on a wreath? Love that too. Here’s a clever idea from Little Birdie Secrets I came across. How fun! You have all the control over the colors – whether traditional green and red, or let’s say….maybe aqua and gold. If anyone has the time, and the [...]
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i’m back!

Sorry about that. Truly. For the cyber bullies and their attempt to hack our site, I am not sorry to you. For the Comcast power outage crash that affected consumers in 3 states, one of which I happen to live in. For all the sleeping I’ve done. For the laundry I got caught up on. [...]
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crying over spilt milk…

…and not just any milk. Special steamed milk from 4bucks, with two pumps of mocha and two shots of espresso. Dang. And I was really moving one foot in front of the other on this rainy Monday. I went from putting clothes away in my bedroom, bathing Mr. C, cleaning the bathroom while he bathed [...]
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off to work!

Up at at ‘em. A rare experience. As in the first and likely last of this year. I wake up and leave the house—to work. Mr. K stays home—well, trying to still work. I think I needed this. I work. Yea. You work. We all work – and lots of us even work from home [...]
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alive and well.

Buffalo was a success (according to my standards!) And so glad to have a new hunting buddy along – that was fun M!! You’ve got a good eye for game girl. As well as a front porch. (!!!) Ohhh- I would love that! No accidents – besides a spilt mocha at a stop light. Shoot! [...]
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happy hour!

Dearest friends of ours, Em here saying hello on this sunny Friday afternoon. “How am I doing today?” Thanks for asking! Heath mentioned the word calendar on her post, and that got me thinking and counting – yea – I am coming upon a special time that tends to make me feel not-so-sunny. At least [...]
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tagged—and a give-away.

Loving this new, hip, up and coming blogger: the charming elephant. She just happens to be adorable and happens to be a good friend of My Teen. Here they are, in random order: [ A prize give-away! Try to figure out which one is the ancestor of Emily (The Teen), and which one of Julie [...]
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bracing myself.

AND YOU SHOULD TOO! This is the not new look in the burbs: Brace yourselves people! This is me—em-bracing it. Making it happen. Working it. Living-it-up. It’s the scarf look with a medical edge to it. The clean lines and custom fit work on anyone. Recall that little back pain mishap? Well, it has found [...]
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the wind blows.

It’s windy outside. And I have been feeling some of the blows. > Pow > Punch > Hard truth > Hard questions > Hard answers Looking up and around I wonder what to grab at first, or what things just to let fall where they may. Do I step in and help soften the landing? [...]
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happy hour!

Hey all, Emily here for the girls. SO GLAD IT’S FRIDAY. PEOPLE. Whew. I mean it friends. And to all the new friends – known and unknown out there – welcome. Thanks for making this a bit more relational. We love hearing from you – whether it’s witty, cheesy, misspellled (did you like that? good [...]
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