happy hour!

Hey all, Emily here for the girls.

SO GLAD IT’S FRIDAY. PEOPLE. Whew. I mean it friends. And to all the new friends – known and unknown out there – welcome. Thanks for making this a bit more relational. We love hearing from you – whether it’s witty, cheesy, misspellled (did you like that? good one!) short or long (Jen that was for you)!

Here we are. We come before you. Take us or leave us. (Please don’t leave – I didn’t mean that.)

outs and ins | emily
for real? | yes, it is real.
woman conquers the war on paper. | yes, she is real.
i got tagged! school basket dilemma.| an attempt for now.

shorts and longs | julie
thanks | the ohhing and awwing goes on and on.
yes, you | she knows you’re out there.
a little testy | the day droned on and on.
i got tagged: the school basket dilemma | what do you mean just one basket?

olds and news | heather
i got tagged: the school basket dilemma | school papers from the school itself.
she made it! | and now I have to – soon! (em remembers.)

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