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light at the end of the tunnel.

Plumber Monday. Electrician Tuesday and Wednesday. And our contractors in and out as well prepping walls for the upcoming drywall. The guys names—or “workers” as Mr. C says: Brad Mark John Paul Dan Rick. Cute, huh? I did not make that up. And guys, I am so very sorry I referred to you as cute—it’s [...]
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how many years now?

*smirk* Come on, aren’t we sweet? With just the most innocent PDA. (I am a church girl for heaven’s sake. Emphasis here on girl—and I suppose church too.) I love you Mr. K. Still like you too. Happy anniversary. — Illustration inspired by a string of lots and lots of gold and aqua moments with [...]
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looking forward –

Did you just crack a smile? Or maybe a little smirk?? Me too! There are things—moments and afternoons and evenings—to look forward to. We get to move toward the longer days, and the higher temps. I am in. I am in for all of it. Had some fun scribbling and doodling on this rainy Sunday [...]
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happy may!

Very happy! Truly. It actually feels like May today and I officially say welcome! Join us— you may even stay awhile as far as I’m concerned. Let us linger in your loveliness. Your 60′s never felt so good after this down and out dreary April. And I’d take any 70′s you have up your sleeve [...]
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hope has come.

— And thank you dear cabin sharers for giving me the weekend to take these photos!
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while you wait.

To quote Julie’s words, “forecast: 100% chance of depressing.” That’s been the deal outside and women all week that I have talked to have echoed this how-low-can-we-go kind of attitude. If you are feeling out of sorts, you’re not alone. I have reached my tipping point today. And I am not subscribing for a single [...]
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a valentine for you.

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one less step for mankind: laundry.

Really? One less step? Is that possible? 1. The bringing the laundry down  2. sorting  3. washing  4. switching to dryer  5. folding  6. stacking in baskets  7. bringing to the correct rooms  8. putting away The hardest part for me is rounding that corner from the folding and stacking in baskets to the part [...]
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can you drink the cup?

For today, I hold the reality of what currently is, and the potential of more to come. For more of the soul searching- and gut wrenching peace seeking- and crazy making spirit filling- and out pouring accepting- and longing laughing- and crying wanting- and waiting loving- and hurting kind of moments—and the potential of more [...]
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restful thoughts.

Trying to keep some peace—find where it resides in myself and be open to more. Isn’t she lovely? So down to earth she is. She may be a bit tired after all the cutting and clearing away of the flowers—of which I am so proud of her for leaving a few undone. Yes, let go [...]
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