restful thoughts.

Trying to keep some peace—find where it resides in myself and be open to more.

Isn’t she lovely? So down to earth she is. She may be a bit tired after all the cutting and clearing away of the flowers—of which I am so proud of her for leaving a few undone. Yes, let go and rest. Be. I love her arms open wide, and her eyes open. She seems hopeful to me, down to the color on her cheeks. She appears to be savoring this moment and I imagine she does this kind of thing quite often…

What I don’t picture in my minds eye is her heading off into yet another hockey tournament weekend. (And forsure not in that outfit.) It’s possible hockey season is done and this is her way of hiding out and celebrating for an entire month or so.

Hope you each find some peace this weekend. If like me you don’t have access to a flower filled grassy knoll, maybe somewhere there’s a visual of this feeling inside of you. Hoping so.

Illustration found on weathergirlshop, by aimee sicuro, healthy boundaries.

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