looking forward –

Did you just crack a smile? Or maybe a little smirk??

Me too!

There are things—moments and afternoons and evenings—to look forward to. We get to move toward the longer days, and the higher temps. I am in. I am in for all of it.

Had some fun scribbling and doodling on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Just letting my imagination go toward what is to come got my brain on a different wave length. Was like Debbie Downer got taken over by Pollyanna. Likely, part of this sun-filled attitude has to do with me getting some sleep. (Much needed sleep!) As in sleeping in until 11:30 on Saturday and 10:00 today. Amen!!! (Forgot to catch you up to the fact that Mr. C has risen to his day at the hour of 4 and 6 off an on lately—actually, I didn’t forget—it’s just that I’ve been too exhausted to mention it, until now that is.)

So if you can get your Polly on and dare to believe a real live season of warm sunlight is upon us—you are welcome to share what bright thoughts come to mind!! Would love to hear.

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  1. Posted May 22, 2011 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    love love love love this.

    SO CUTE!

    I can’t wait for *all* that good stuff. Plus fireflies, watermelon, flip flops, crickets, and did you mention screen porch? Yes you did. Well that too!!!

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