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I asked for it.

All those moments in magazines—looking, flipping, drooling, and pinning. Oh! This rustic looking oven hood. Thank you Better Home and Gardens for this inspiring idea. Could we (as in he)? Would he? Please….? ……? Oh yea!!! Thanks Mr. K for your handy craftsmanship! I love. In time—in precious time there will be open shelving accompanying [...]
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what’s new [and what's old!!]

The birth certificate came!!! And earlier than expected—phew. Guess I am heading south this week!!!! Something else got delivered to my home address as well—that would be a few things! Shiny things. Some of the latest * kitchen * love. New appliances. Oh!! Oh!!! I had that we’ll get appliances someday attitude going strong. Was [...]
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about time!

About time I get back on here. Holy cow. Time!!! A girl thinks—I will have running water in my sink, and appliances!! I’ve arrived!! But then the workers leave. And the work’s not exactly done. And the rest is all up to us. So…we start transitioning our lives back into the upstairs. But there is [...]
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little storage space.

Not having a full basement means there is something missing. Storage. So quick—Mr. K! Before those sheet-rocking drywallers show up in the morning and seal off access, would you heave up some big and bulky plywood boards in and over your head? I’ll cheer you on! Come on. It will be great. Unless we want [...]
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light at the end of the tunnel.

Plumber Monday. Electrician Tuesday and Wednesday. And our contractors in and out as well prepping walls for the upcoming drywall. The guys names—or “workers” as Mr. C says: Brad Mark John Paul Dan Rick. Cute, huh? I did not make that up. And guys, I am so very sorry I referred to you as cute—it’s [...]
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a good excuse.

No kitchen? I know just the place! Num!! After daring to cancel on a meeting and being brave enough to ask for what I need, I get the reward of sitting in beaming sunlight and listening to the quiet of no banging and heav-hoeing. Ahhh. Fresh white subway tile walls surround me and all I [...]
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With the back of the van empty we head to IKEA for a nice Sunday’s drive. I have done this so many a time, tooling around all the loveliness * sighing * and * groaning * (in the most innocent sense of the word) at all the tidy kitchens. This time is different. First of [...]
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caught on tape.

My homespun video clip tour. Roll it. —  
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another kitchen perspective.

Here it is in black and white. The kitchen is just taking a little jaunt to the right of the house—here’s the layout of the back wall. The sink finds it’s new home under my previous dining room window. The kind of sink? Oh, just a basic white cast iron apron farmhouse style. Ok. Yea…it [...]
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very charming.

Upon checking out at the register at my local Anthropologie, the cutest-of-cuties worker is setting up a display with a great big brown box of fresh shiny merchandise: lovely chains and shiny charms. I said something like “Oh! Oh!” and “Oh!!!!” Thankfully, she speaks my language and understood me as saying, “I wanna see! I [...]
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