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I asked for it.

All those moments in magazines—looking, flipping, drooling, and pinning. Oh! This rustic looking oven hood. Thank you Better Home and Gardens for this inspiring idea. Could we (as in he)? Would he? Please….? ……? Oh yea!!! Thanks Mr. K for your handy craftsmanship! I love. In time—in precious time there will be open shelving accompanying [...]
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have you met my mother?

I spend time with her about every other week. She can hold her own. She is is sturdy and curvy. She ages beautifully. She is a there when and I need her and I even take her out from time to time. She never lets me down. Meet The Mother: She’s a big deal — [...]
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15 minute shopping.

On this snowy Wednesday afternoon I had the big opportunity to shop without Mr. C. So tearing up and down the isles of Nana and Papa’s local grocery store I came up with our families Thanksgiving fixins. In 15 minutes. I walk in and see a man carrying what looked like a bulky bird in [...]
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perfect roasted chicken.

Anything more homey than a rainy day, napping toddler and roasted chickens in the oven? Feels like an experience of old Finn-land. Normally, one doesn’t necessarily wake up from the power going off, it being a quiet event and all. Except for how Mr. C with his loft-style living has this utter dependence on his [...]
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i’m it: tomato.

We’re on. Here is my tomato and what I did with it in my limited amount of time. It’s a big deal. Sliced. Gutted, chopped and tossed. I heard the permission in Heath’s tomato challenge of cooking something old or new and went with it. You just can’t go wrong with a fresh tomato. No [...]
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