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very charming.

Upon checking out at the register at my local Anthropologie, the cutest-of-cuties worker is setting up a display with a great big brown box of fresh shiny merchandise: lovely chains and shiny charms. I said something like “Oh! Oh!” and “Oh!!!!” Thankfully, she speaks my language and understood me as saying, “I wanna see! I [...]
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No matter where you find yourself today—here’s something to smile about. Brought to you by twin girls and a big ol’ box of hand-me-down shoes. And more shoes. How very sweet. To toddle around in any of these with big eyes open to what the day has ahead. Happy day to you! — Thanks maggie [...]
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week two: homemade

What gift to give this group of women…??? It needs to be special. Very. These women hold so much on other’s behalf. A symbol of some kind…? What could that be…? The string of ideas from one to another lead Jen and I to getting out a pile of extra upholstery fabric. We get a [...]
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if the shoes fit:

BUY THEM! After all the grief of our junking spree there is a surprise waiting for a certain consumer. For the beat up soul suffering defeat as she just watched all the gold slip right through her fingertips at the last 3 shops. We all love retro shoes – yes, of course we do! But [...]
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never want to be too old.

A lovely quote referring to Blythe. Who she is, what she represents. I did some reading on this doll I see everywhere and now know I would like one of my own to keep my curious and playful side alive and present. (This head can get stuck in serious adult mode). My young emily comes [...]
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buffalo boots and a rug.

As I was being overstimulated in Buffalo in a room full of goods, I could have missed this find. Thankfully, I have a tall friend who noticed these babies at what happens to be her eye level. I tried to not jump on them, (or her) they could fit Julie, or Heath. But the squealing [...]
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saggin’ with style.

I have wondered how those a few…ut emm… years younger than me pull off this look without suddenly standing with pants around their ankles. Then as I am reading in the backyard, I see Mr. C sagging with style. Up and down, drinking, pouring, filling, spilling, up and down again; and looking cool all the [...]
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