saggin’ with style.

I have wondered how those a few…ut emm… years younger than me pull off this look without suddenly standing with pants around their ankles. Then as I am reading in the backyard, I see Mr. C sagging with style. Up and down, drinking, pouring, filling, spilling, up and down again; and looking cool all the while. Waistband is literally hanging in there.

I’m buying this casual-happened-upon-look, hook line and sinker. After gathering a few more words of my book I do the quick mommy-glance while turning the page. There’s Mr. C straight on looking at me waiting for his next photo op.

Something’s fishy here.

It’s the perfectly disheveled shirt. Did he quickly untuck one side when I was in the middle of a page?? This is all too suspicious. No one is that cute just at random.

I’m onto you Mr. C. Rugged wear for toddlers…perhaps posing for the American Eagle kids line?

You know where to find me.

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  1. Posted July 14, 2010 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    He’s so cluelessly stylin’! How does he pull off that “I’m not really trying and yet I’m freakin adorable and basically the next big thing” look????

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    [...] pouring, the thunder booming, the lightning flashing, and the tornado sirens wailing. (Right after Mr. C fell asleep, of course.) Soon four kids, one rudely awakened Mr. C, and three moms were piled in [...]

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