week two: homemade

What gift to give this group of women…??? It needs to be special. Very. These women hold so much on other’s behalf.

A symbol of some kind…?

What could that be…?

The string of ideas from one to another lead Jen and I to getting out a pile of extra upholstery fabric.

We get a feel for the fabric and wonder.

Could we?

Well, you could. I can’t.

Ok, I do. Your right. I have. Well, just a little bit.

You will?

Yes!! That’s it.

And off to work we went.

This is so her! Let’s save this to go with that. Or is it better that with this? I move things to and fro and back again.

And Jen would get it jussssst right. We make a perfect combination.

Another great combination??

Not only does she invite me into her home, and attempt to keep me in line— she has warm oat scones ready. To top it off—yes! Butter, and jelly, and honey.

And mocha.

Jen’s cross stitch. Her attention to detail deserves some attention—look closely.

My cross stitch. Just scroll down and get it over with—fast.

Now are you ready?




So fun. Handmade-hip-slinging-cute-as-a-button-bags.

For all that each of these women hold.

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  1. Jen Eck
    Posted December 11, 2010 at 8:06 am | Permalink

    Thank you friend. What a gift it was to spend that time with you and Mr. C–truly! Let’s schedule another time for the three of us. It would be great to stay caught up and maybe we can even finish the ones we set aside for ourselves…birthday presents to ourselves/each other since our special days are so close. Big hugs to you and Mr. C!!

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