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d-r-a-b….to fab!

Toss in the dumpster? I purchased this very creepy-looking light from deep in a garage in Edina 6 years ago, which I believe originally came from IKEA. Attempting to add some light to the sunk-in kitchen room this light has hung for years. I believe it has only further contributed to that sunk-in feeling. I [...]
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all is calm.

Something has recently settled down a bit – and I can only hope it has an internal affect in me as well. Awhile back I started out with a disaster of a home office area— no space to work, and piles on top of piles. Then after some tedious painful steps, I got to this— much [...]
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tiny trees.

We are blasting into December full speed people. Like there are rumors of January up and coming. I’m going to hang out in the Christmas spirit for awhile, and I am among friends, hope you can join us in between whatever madness you are up to on your end of the world. So tree raising [...]
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buffalo boots and a rug.

As I was being overstimulated in Buffalo in a room full of goods, I could have missed this find. Thankfully, I have a tall friend who noticed these babies at what happens to be her eye level. I tried to not jump on them, (or her) they could fit Julie, or Heath. But the squealing [...]
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