all is calm.

Something has recently settled down a bit – and I can only hope it has an internal affect in me as well.

Awhile back I started out with a disaster of a home office area—

no space to work, and piles on top of piles.

Then after some tedious painful steps, I got to this—

much better.

I appreciated this shift, but being that this desk is actually a kitchen island it’s just not quite the right fit—my knees run right into the desk if I want that chair pushed in at all. Meant for snacking at, not for this work I claim to be doing here.

And yes, all is bright. Calm? No. I’ve found this little desire for a space with a bit more of a peaceful feel to it with this constant war on paper and some of the to do’s in life.

Changes I made. I turned a corner to some balance and tranquility. Calling for even a shift in font – something a bit more quiet in nature.

Enjoy your scroll down—

ahhhh. Home sweet home.

I love love how this aqua bookcase is just the right nook for my Mac to nestle into. (Aqua bookcase? No, you didn’t miss a post of me painting another item aqua. This one came house ready – credit to Julie. Funny story – she purchased an aqua piece and tried to claim it as her own. Somehow in all the comings and goings it ends up at my place. Maybe we’ve all learned a lesson here friends and can save ourselves some hauling if we just move forward with a policy that all aqua pieces come directly to my door.)

Something else worth noting—paper, printer, pens and pencils—come on! I have a shelf dedicated to just these things—and they all start with P. If that isn’t tidy—what is??? Now maybe with it being so very clear I can respect the boundary: don’t put here unless it starts with the letter P. And maybe I start developing the Same Letter System to other parts of my home – towels, tea, trifold, tissues, and tape – all on one shelf. Let’s do another – books, bat, blanket, buttons, and baskets….or fabric, folders, felt, flowers, flashlight… or makeup, movies, money, measuring tape….hmmm….what have I just stumbled upon here?

So far it appears I can focus a bit more as I sit here. (Can’t you tell just by reading this?)

And if I start to go bonzi with 18 windows open at once and every paper imaginable in front of me, I have found it helps just to stare at the slow movement of the second hand on that creamy old fashioned clock and sink my eyes into the soothing colors of the Readers Digest books. The books also serve the fine purpose of hiding some of those annoying computer related devices – that back up drivey thing and a cord or two or ten.

And this couldn’t have come at a better time—the week before Christmas.

So if I start to freak out friends…

just send me to my corner.

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  1. Posted December 21, 2010 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    Wow, em. That desk is amazing. Does it really look like that at this moment? I’m not doubting you, I’m so not. It’s a dead serious question like when you honestly used to ask strangers how much they spent on groceries every month.

  2. Emily Haataja
    Posted December 22, 2010 at 8:53 am | Permalink

    Used to ask? LOL. Right now it’s pretty close to looking that way – but I have found that empty space to the left and right of the computer as handy space to “file” things. Ugh.

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