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d-r-a-b….to fab!

Toss in the dumpster? I purchased this very creepy-looking light from deep in a garage in Edina 6 years ago, which I believe originally came from IKEA. Attempting to add some light to the sunk-in kitchen room this light has hung for years. I believe it has only further contributed to that sunk-in feeling. I [...]
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happy april!

As it rains outside (let’s hope it’s rain!!!) here is a sprinkling of 5 minute to-do’s so you can make some ground around your home-sweet-home. Yes – it appears someone came in the middle of the night and transported my brain to that of a ’50s housewife. (or maybe that of a cheesy poet.) No, [...]
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storage room * secrets.

I heard a bird chirp and saw some melting snow and puddles forming. Ahh…. to the storage room I go!! But really??? And no loveliness of spring down here! I have been here before—this view. Yea, I’ve gone so far as to take a peek – maybe shoving things around a little. Shuffle shuffle. The [...]
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one less step for mankind: laundry.

Really? One less step? Is that possible? 1. The bringing the laundry down  2. sorting  3. washing  4. switching to dryer  5. folding  6. stacking in baskets  7. bringing to the correct rooms  8. putting away The hardest part for me is rounding that corner from the folding and stacking in baskets to the part [...]
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have you met my mother?

I spend time with her about every other week. She can hold her own. She is is sturdy and curvy. She ages beautifully. She is a there when and I need her and I even take her out from time to time. She never lets me down. Meet The Mother: She’s a big deal — [...]
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shouldn’t be so kind.

This little cabinet of mine – it went from drab pine – to aqua shine. The golden knobs from Anthro, of course. I have liked liked— but not loved loved. * * * * * Maybe I treated it too kindly? Stop the madness. This is very much indeed what I would love. Like forever [...]
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week three: wrapping

So this week we feature a wrapped gift. Is that what people are doing? Wrapping gifts? (Already???) I see you did it—and in style I might add Ms. Julie. Tonight I go to a Christmas Party and I am thrilled from head to toe. Would love to bring a little something to this lovely lady [...]
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the stars align.

I like others, love paper. And a new take on a wreath? Love that too. Here’s a clever idea from Little Birdie Secrets I came across. How fun! You have all the control over the colors – whether traditional green and red, or let’s say….maybe aqua and gold. If anyone has the time, and the [...]
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tiny trees.

We are blasting into December full speed people. Like there are rumors of January up and coming. I’m going to hang out in the Christmas spirit for awhile, and I am among friends, hope you can join us in between whatever madness you are up to on your end of the world. So tree raising [...]
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right is right.

And what is this prize you may wonder?? Good question. I stumbled upon this great product line one week ago and now proudly own a couple of items by Norwex, but with my pain-in-the-neck last week I didn’t get to play with them, therefore not being able to see for myself if they were utterly [...]
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