storage room * secrets.

I heard a bird chirp and saw some melting snow and puddles forming. Ahh….

to the storage room I go!!

But really??? And no loveliness of spring down here!

I have been here before—this view. Yea, I’ve gone so far as to take a peek – maybe shoving things around a little. Shuffle shuffle. The general view of various items tumbling from above eye level to below my feet is familiar to me. And that feeling inside – it’s creeping in – that energy it takes to just focus on one single item! The strain on my eyes as I try to take a close look attempting to concentrate…keep this? Throw? Or what is that?

I back my way out of the room rubbing my temples and put my mind towards anything other than this dark abyss.

For today, on this day, I start here—

1. triple shot. * No half-ass-caf here. I plan to take a sip every 3 minutes over the next several hours. This is going to get worse before it gets better. And I can’t just leave it at worse. He will leave me. Or I will leave me.

I need to get creative.

2. a holding place. My thought—ok, get everything out of the dreaded storage space and into a display area I set up in the playroom. To make this holding place a bit more appealing I even did a bit of vacuuming for good measure.

I am going to do some shopping here—asking myself the key question (over and over) * would I buy this? As in today, if I were shopping would I put hard cold cash toward lugging this item into my home???

In order to get to the decision making I need to fill these shelves. * So I shut off my brain and turn into a robot. I move my arms and legs and pick up items from storage room, pick up and set down. I do not engage or think. If you are at all taking notes here – this is an important one or you will be slowed down, discouraged and possibly done within minutes. Whether you go to the place of really liking something or you can’t believe you still have the item, or you start to think about what it actually even is, or what it used to be, whether it’s a piece to something else, or sacred, or a book you’ve been missing and your just about to text who you never returned it to, or a project you were so going to finish and now you are starting to be a bit hard on yourself—no. Just move items out. Shut brain off.

3. shop. Now that items were stacked, displayed, just out of the dungeon I got a quick breath of fresh air. I took a stroll around my house. Hmm… what am I needing around here?? I get my purse and more coffee and go shopping. What do we have today??

Ok, for some of you—just thinking about whether you used in it the last calendar year works for you. I honestly say—rah! Rah-rah! I admire that in you.  And come to think of it—maybe you don’t have storage issues to tackle. Maybe it’s just more of a bin that you go through on the first of every month. And maybe you even put things back where they belong. You have places for your things. So many options…and I know your out there. No hard feelings from me—I’ve just got to hand it to you. This lovely part of you is worthy of mentioning. How lovely for you and yes, for those you live with.

This shopping has a tricky piece to it for me: “Ok, I wouldn’t technically buy this today, but I do currently own and what if I need down the road??? And end up having to pay for this item—again??” Gasp!!! The conversation in my head continued: so is it better to have this room full of hoarded items and junk piles than to run to Target and pay $20 dollars here and there???

Hmm Emily????

That is ridiculous!!!

No more.

So believe I do, but I need a way to get around this money debacle. Another secret strategy. (This one might be my favorite.) * I put a dollar amount on the value of having some elbow room and organization in this little storage/laundry room of ours. I came up with $300.00. So when the fear strikes at any given moment as in, “I can’t get rid of this oil and vinegar set! What if I end up needing it??” (Though I have yet to use it in the 5 years of owning it, and I will say I prefer to have the 2 liquids combined prior to drizzling on my greens…) I can simply write down $8.00 on my list and toss in the good will pile.

Mr. K didn’t ask questions, he hauled bags and boxes and things into the back of the van and sped off to goodwill that very afternoon.

I allowed myself some good keeps and by the end of a very full day I saw results!!

Yay! I can see the floor. I can walk through my laundry room! I can actually sit down and whip up a little card or wrap a gift! I can find an envelope!! I have gift bags! I have candles!!

Celebrating I am!

to recap all my secrets: * caffeine * got the objects out of the dreaded area to display area * robotic movements when transferring items!  * put a dollar value on having this space clutter-free in my home * shop: “would I buy this item today?”

* oh, and smile.

Any spring cleaning happening for you?? Would love to hear any of your secrets…

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  1. Lora
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    Oh that adorable laundry bin looks perfect in your newly organized space! Love the before pic’s-my basement has the same look, and I’m thinking the triple shot drink may be needed!
    I’m so glad there’s people out there that appreciate orange-I’m falling into like with the color, also!

  2. emily
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 11:45 am | Permalink

    ooo – that laundry bin! It was part of what helped me finish this project Lora!!! Picked up that cutey from none other then yours truly: Patina General

    secret * a motivational treasure in waiting for the moment the storage room is in order.

  3. Beth Johnsoon
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 7:56 pm | Permalink

    LOVE IT! I wish I could see it in person. I love your process too…it motivates me to come up with good spaces while we move in. I am still thinking about your laundry blog! Good job sis!

  4. emily
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 8:04 pm | Permalink

    you know from first-hand experience how utterly out-of-hand this space was. Now if I need to ship something to you I actually have shipping envelopes and boxes in their own little section. Life changing I tell you!!!!

    Lovin’s on your move girl!!! Wish I could help ya out!!!

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