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maybe a little…

Not crazy. Just tired. Sure you might feel crazy—you might be acting crazy—have the character down pat both on and off screen—but it’s only the being tired part that is to blame. Being tired is crazy making. I have a little bit of experience in this area and it feels good to say it all [...]
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it’s time to stop.

Tackling another pile, (two in one week!) I open up my wallet to see this stack of Starbucks receipts. My grande one pump mocha started out as an occasional treat, then turned into a daily pattern… or routine… maybe ritual is the right word… or quite possibly addiction. There. I said it. [And for those [...]
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a busy hour.

So there Mr. C is, clearly up and now out. I left you all with:  “Do I just let him paint?” 1) No nap today 2) Pretty moody boy lately even when not tired 3) I am personally wanting to paint, and him on my lap grabbing at my brush isn’t working 4) Though he’s [...]
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a happy hour.

This adorable framed chalkboard has been in need of some new life. And with Mr. C down for his afternoon nap this spell of open time was right there for the grabbing. Heath, daughter E and I waste no time in getting set-up to sip our sacred coffee’s and paint in the shade outside. I [...]
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half-caf party

The Teen. A year of teen-hood under her belt and a fresh-off-the-braces smile, it is time to celebrate her. At least that is what I am shooting for. You know those over-the-top crazy-making parties? Today was not one of them. I say go with anything in life that can result in less crazy-makingness. Cause either [...]
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