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The Teen. A year of teen-hood under her belt and a fresh-off-the-braces smile, it is time to celebrate her. At least that is what I am shooting for. You know those over-the-top crazy-making parties? Today was not one of them. I say go with anything in life that can result in less crazy-makingness. Cause either way – Monday is coming – whether I am running myself to the ground all weekend, or letting things be simple enough.

Here are some shortcuts and tips I went with for this round of a teen birthday party:

Decorations: One bunch of flowers, three balloons, and a dash of ole’ fashioned with a pink cardboard painted J. Tip – I literally, while I was boiling water for tea, grabbed a diaper box, cut out the letter, and squirted some red and pink on there and rubbed around with another piece of cardboard. Ta-dah. Details given assuming anyone would care to give this over-the-top DIY a stab. Which btw a skewer works well to poke the hole for the string. Result: she smiled at having flowers bought for her, and hung the J herself. For outside, a wooden J, stem of the flowers and balloons.

Cleaning: Just did a few basics – short-cut tip. Literally cleared the floor of the fallen objects (ok, this did take awhile) and did the dishes. So yes, eww – if someone went in the downstairs room they may be alarmed. The teen and I agreed – who really cares? So I haven’t folded laundry in – -  quite some time. I’ve done some other things with all that time on my hands.

Entertainment: Caribou stop for the treat of their favorite drink, and we head off to wander our local outdoor suburbian mall – let’s just say – literally free and easy. Sipping my 2 pump mocha, hearing the banter and giggles from the girls, and walking the sunlit sidewalks, I was just fine. The teen even commented: you look relaxed mom. Yes, I was at that moment eyes-closed basking on a sunlit bench as I waited out one-or-two of the store visits. Just fine.

Since the teen was willing to keep to a short invite list – which is another useful tip -  we could splurge on manicures for all. I looked into some price comparisons and found Nail Montage where these early teens made it into a younger price category. As for me, the host-mom: I sat on down and got a mini pedi. Nummy – hello – tip of all tips. Sitting back on the massage chair, eyes closed, (ok – I do look a bit half dead here)  I’m thinking: I am hosting a birthday party right now. Love it.

The teen wanted turkey burgers and her traditional ask of the Ina Lemon Cake. Zesting 8 lemons: a definite full caf moment. I believe even a full hour. Made possible with all that time on my hands.

Getting to know some of her friends a bit more. Seeing her smile. Spending time together. Her seemingly wanting me around. Her “that was a fun party mom.” A win-win party. I was a half-caf host, and that allowed me to be fully present to her joy. When my eyes were open I mean. Happy Birthday My Teen.

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