a happy hour.

This adorable framed chalkboard has been in need of some new life. And with Mr. C down for his afternoon nap this spell of open time was right there for the grabbing. Heath, daughter E and I waste no time in getting set-up to sip our sacred coffee’s and paint in the shade outside.

I took some creamy aqua paint left over from the kitchen and by adding hunter green, a bit of black and some royal blue, it became kitchy with just the right pop. We were all more than satisfied with this shade. I feel it necessary to name this color, let’s call it: kitschen blue.

How fun to sip (ahhh to sip!), chat, and listen to the stream of amazing thoughts from E as she works on her own project. Being outside, being together, and being creative. Nummy. Without the toddler. Necessary.

Um. What is that I hear? Doesn’t sound like the silence which accompanies a nap.

We follow the noise and look to see the lime green curtain pulled back and his sweet little blond self. A naughty word instinctively comes out of my mouth. Sorry E. Not napping, no. Not even close. Rather he is chatting, smiling and banging on the window. This window of time so to speak is now looking briefer.

The end result did come. And everyone agrees on the cuteness factor.

This image will be making it’s rounds as us girls will be doing a little something fun with our happy hour theme. You can be on the look-out for that.

Projects, and painting ones in particular, can tend to throw any sane person for a loop. Or loop d’ loopy spinning boom. Like the final touches of my last painting project here. Now we find that the Calvinator has found his way out of his room and is now banging on the patio door. Alright. You win today. No nap. Still in the middle of painting with squinting eyes and visible strain on my forehead I ask Heath: “do I just let him paint?” I”ll fill you in on where this leads tomorrow.

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  1. Posted July 21, 2010 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

    Now I know why you are the professional color-namer. Kitschen blue – come on! I can’t wait to use our new sign. AND I can’t wait to hear what happened next with Mr. C and the painting project… I’m on the edge of my seat. (And although I am grieving with you the loss of that nap, that gleeful face in the window is PRICELESS.)

  2. Posted July 21, 2010 at 5:15 pm | Permalink

    I worked so hard that afternoon. I think I painted 2 cm and sipped my coffee. Oh and took pictures of Mr. C. You all are gonna die, he’s too much.

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