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easy for me.

After announcing he is going to take Mr. C for a boat ride and that I can have a break, Mr. K is all smiles upon hearing me reply with “can I come too?” Looking back from the nice seat offered to me I see Mr. K happily sitting on the floor of the canoe [...]
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in and out.

How exciting! A moving truck in our driveway. And these people I love moving in. Having one week to prepare for their stay we hauled, and lugged, and threw, and goodwilled our way to creating some space. I recall our first conversation: ”So-ahhh. What now – do you need to head back and get more things?” [...]
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fall is coming.

And I don’t mean Mr. K. After being away for my 24 hours of fun, this walking in the door bit can really bite. As in – whoosh – I am overwhelmed – and regret how late I stayed up chatting. This time, this is what I see. Getting at all the dust bunnies from [...]
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tag, you’re it! clean out your basement.

Why must you clean out your basements friends? Because your parents are moving in. Yippy!! Ok. No really though. It will be a fun adventure. Nana and Papa are moving in for a short 3 months, with only a short weeks notice. Since space is limited here, the basement will need to transform into their [...]
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adventure for dannyboy.

A first for dannyboy. With cousin Grif he begins his own extended stay in Colorado as an official camper. Winding up the log framed path are these adorable a-frame cabins. Just plunked here and there with humble pride. Something about their littleness and sturdiness both kill me. The front lined porch is practical, fitting and [...]
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the teen’s life.

Being away. Still in the sweet phase of Teen life she went to Eagle Lake Camp in Colorado about a month ago. I am just antsy and curious to see her life here. Seeing this sign on the way in… Not so sure how I’m supposed to feel. I mean, is shooting an issue? (so [...]
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almost there.

The drive into the camp. I want to say “what does it mean?” but I will spare you. Truly it is one of my favorite parts of entering my bro and sis in laws home. After driving and driving, you bump along this gravel road, over a hill to this vast and wide space. My [...]
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