fall is coming.

And I don’t mean Mr. K.

After being away for my 24 hours of fun, this walking in the door bit can really bite. As in – whoosh – I am overwhelmed – and regret how late I stayed up chatting. This time, this is what I see. Getting at all the dust bunnies from the last season (or two), this is official fall cleaning business.

Fall. I feel twitchy, itchy and a teeny bit of relief all at the same time. This means structure is forced upon me. And though I can get real motivated by some Real Simple how to’s, I am now self-aware enough to know that purchasing a tidy little stack of colorful post-it notes really won’t get me there. I have baggage. Like piles. And one pile that is easy to ignore all hidden in this machine displayed on my desk is completely out-of-hand.

My email file.

I have never created a folder. I hardly ever delete a message. I actually keep up – as in replying to most of most of what is needing attention, but there is a looming cloud of thousands of emails listed there.

I don’t want to go into the fall with all of my piles. Mr. K is taking care of some made of dust. Can I tackle this one…?

A friend arrives. Since Julie is receiving a hands-on fall hair service today, she offers to help me out in return.

Julie’s words of counsel at the thousands of emails: “these are all just conversations you had…”

That helped something shift in my brain. Just conversations. (but, all of these precious words!)

My brave response: Delete. Delete. Delete.

The objective set of eyes and her bit more left-brain organization skills keep us moving along. And when we come to some tough ones… Julie creates some folders, clicks and drags, and magically they are tucked away. I was aware enough to realize this could essentially turn into another hiding place. But with all the deleting going on, I think we did pretty well.

In the time it took for Julie’s new fall dark color to soak in, my inbox got a whole lot lighter.

There is plenty more fall help I could use. Come on over with your gift of organization, and since I am basically open for business, maybe in return I use a pair of scissors next time? Heath, maybe a little something with your lovely locks? Or anyone else…?

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  1. Posted September 10, 2010 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    Take her up on it, people. She means it! I’ve had many a up-do from this girl, even a smashing pony tail is better from em. I’ve also had the fun of organizing rooms in em’s house. Remember your loft dream? Then you had a cutie little baby and it became a bird’s nest. Now the basement is for the parents. What’s next?

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