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crying over spilt milk…

…and not just any milk. Special steamed milk from 4bucks, with two pumps of mocha and two shots of espresso. Dang. And I was really moving one foot in front of the other on this rainy Monday. I went from putting clothes away in my bedroom, bathing Mr. C, cleaning the bathroom while he bathed [...]
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sunday: break.

No half caf. A large, three shots of espresso, 2 scoops of milk chocolate with whip mocha. Why the need to break the rules? Because I broke my back lugging my lumpus who rumpuses across a 100 yard football field of a church parking lot this morning. He actually kicked his pants off he while [...]
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tea for two at two.

I roam into the kitchen to put water on, and there is my dad doing the same thing. I say “time for green tea with some peach syrup?” I get out the syrup, he gets out the tea bags. We wait by the kettle. I say “I think it’s hot enough.” He says to wait [...]
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perfect roasted chicken.

Anything more homey than a rainy day, napping toddler and roasted chickens in the oven? Feels like an experience of old Finn-land. Normally, one doesn’t necessarily wake up from the power going off, it being a quiet event and all. Except for how Mr. C with his loft-style living has this utter dependence on his [...]
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it’s time to stop.

Tackling another pile, (two in one week!) I open up my wallet to see this stack of Starbucks receipts. My grande one pump mocha started out as an occasional treat, then turned into a daily pattern… or routine… maybe ritual is the right word… or quite possibly addiction. There. I said it. [And for those [...]
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daytime coffee break

I am getting a during-the-week, during-the-day, kid-free break. I pack up everything known to man and head to my local coffee-shop: Caribou. It’s as funky of a coffee shop I can find in my suburbian hood. Sure I wish for the something more quirky: off street sidewalk seating, a kind of energy with some funk [...]
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