perfect roasted chicken.

Anything more homey than a rainy day, napping toddler and roasted chickens in the oven? Feels like an experience of old Finn-land.

Normally, one doesn’t necessarily wake up from the power going off, it being a quiet event and all. Except for how Mr. C with his loft-style living has this utter dependence on his sleeping fan. With that abruptly stopping I awoke to “mom! mom! mom!” Yes. He…I….we are awake. After several attempts (why more then twice?) of flicking on and off the light switch, and peeing in the dark, my day began.

[No, it wasn't that early, it is just another lacking feature in my home: not one window in either bathroom. You maybe thought the ramblings here were in reference to going too far with the word pee...? No, you can handle that].

So we tumbled around with Mr. C in my front living room with access to books, magazines, pillows, blankies and blocks. Yea – we were really roughing it. Oh, and Starbucks. Yes, with the absence of electricity, I allowed myself the big splurge today. We also managed fine without access to screen-time of any sort. That being a complete no-no reminds me of the old-time country as well.

Then I remember – my chickens! I open the fridge. (No! Must keep closed!) Though I did feel some comfort in seeing they were still there.

Because this is the perfect day to roast the perfect roasted chicken.

Thankfully by mid-day the power was back on. I prepped these little chickens (I roast two together, we all feel better about it) and off into the oven at 3:30 they went, to be done at 5:30. And they were perfect. And we sat around our bit fuller table, with Nana saying she loves the roasted vegetables, Papa saying “hands down beats the take out I had last night,” Dannyboy sat proud as he chose our menu, and The Teen had a good helping of protein which always makes me smile.

There is the part of how I was mostly absent from the table as I assisted Mr. C, who didn’t eat a bite, and Mr. K ended up having to work late so never did appear. But yet, it was perfect. Because that is what it is called. Look it up friends and make anything this woman tells you to make.

I hear Heath say Amen. Not because she actually says that in conversation, but because she kindly introduced me to Ina, and has even more of her cookbooks than I do.

Photo of Perfect Roasted Chicken: by Ina Garten/FoodNetWork

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  1. Posted September 16, 2010 at 6:00 am | Permalink

    Yum, yum, yum!! Yes, perfect! The rainy day, the Starbucks, the chickens, the full table. Everything but the power outage – but way to master that, including the peeing in the dark.

    I must make this! Minus the garlic.

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  1. By DINNER on September 22, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    [...] Because I knew there would be no time to cook dinner with our busy evening ahead. Because there was thawed chicken in the fridge that needed to be cooked. Because I’m working really hard at cutting back on eating out. And because Emily inspired me, and even provided the recipe. [...]

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