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Not trying to be a debbie-downer. Really. I am trying to both a dreamer and in reality both.

This fall theme of wanting to get a bit more organized is a huge challenge for me. I look at the clearly noted issue above (to be honest, this is my desk on a good day) and am now able to put words to my biggest obstacle:

I see every item, every to-do as the first step. Deer-in-head-lights maddening.

[so symbolic of my active mind... but do I need to have a constant visual of that? right there in the middle of my living room? ok. down debbie, down girl...]

That means each item: piece of paper, marker cap, notebook, folder, receipt, baggie with change, pieces to a game, kids projects, cell phone charger, and candle stick (?) is screaming me first! me first! right off the bat. And I can’t magically move all of these items in one full swoop. (Actually, I can and do, that is why the trunk is filled to the rim). I see it all. I am aware. And overwhelmed.

Identifying this stuck place was discovered when I recently allotted some of my precious 50 minute couch time to my frustration of home organization with Ms. Sarah. Was a lovely, no judgement attached ah-ha moment.

The plan of action I will be trying:
3 bins:
1 keep, 1 throw, and one question mark.

Not genius, but if it works, then by all means – it will be worthy of that ranking. I will picking up items one by one and putting in the properly labeled bin.

The dream is to get one step closer to this:

Inspired? I sure am. I might need to meditate on this these photos while I am shoulder deep in my piles. And since I brag about being so fully aware – I will note that in these to dye for calm, I-think-I-can thinking spaces, there is a consistent theme of things being tucked away or filed. No bin or shelf will magically solve my problem. Reality can bite. One thing at a time debbie.

[oh crap. that starbucks cup got in my photo. it's my happy hour beverage today. I have purchased starbucks twice in the last 10 days. only twice.]

By the way girls, tag: you’re it. At the least post a photo of your office space, and if you have it in you (or if it is even needed) go for some organizing. I am giving you a full week with this challenge. And to anyone else out there, pull up your sleeves as well. Whether for you it’s just cuffing your sleeve or going elbow or shoulder deep, I would love to hear where your paper piles are. If you file, if you toss, if you keep up and if not, where it hides.

I am a lovely person with many gifts. This is not one of them. Feedback and prayers are welcome.

To dye for office spaces by the inspired room

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  1. Posted September 17, 2010 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    no fair! I saw Heather’s desk the other day and it was to-die-for cute and tidy! Oh well, she can have a break on this one, huh? Or she’ll probably find another layer to tackle. Or maybe it’s not still so neat and tidy anymore…? Anyway, I digress.

    Ok, I accept the challenge. It’s needed, and I’ve actually already been working in that direction. So, here’s to unasked-for motivation. (Of course there’s also the book club book to read and the rest of the messy house…)

    Sheesh. Yes, you are a lovely person with many gifts, Em. Including challenging your friends and encouraging us along!

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