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tagged—and a give-away.

Loving this new, hip, up and coming blogger: the charming elephant. She just happens to be adorable and happens to be a good friend of My Teen. Here they are, in random order: [ A prize give-away! Try to figure out which one is the ancestor of Emily (The Teen), and which one of Julie [...]
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tag: i’m it! because i can.

Thanks to she-seeks-and-finds Julie, I am the proud owner of aqua and canary yellow curtains. And SHR let me leave their premises with this way to good of a deal wallpaper. (sshhh!) Recall, I didn’t hog all the rolls. With some fun things to get creative with – and Julie stopping in for an afternoon [...]
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woman conquers the war on paper.

And she really has. For her I don’t even think a war was ever even declared. There wasn’t a battle. From birth any piece of paper to touch her hand she probably followed the “touch it once” rule and it was put in the right bin, filed or tossed. So Crissy, Jen and girls, and [...]
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tag, i’m it: office space.

Oh. The pain. The forcing myself to sit and go through papers and random objects. 3 bins. Yes. This system was very helpful. Also, knowing I needed a push so badly I tagged myself. Also wise. Do I need to keep this? Throw this? Or it needs more attention and time then I am capable [...]
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i’m it: tomato.

We’re on. Here is my tomato and what I did with it in my limited amount of time. It’s a big deal. Sliced. Gutted, chopped and tossed. I heard the permission in Heath’s tomato challenge of cooking something old or new and went with it. You just can’t go wrong with a fresh tomato. No [...]
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