tag, i’m it: office space.


The pain.

The forcing myself to sit and go through papers and random objects.

3 bins. Yes. This system was very helpful. Also, knowing I needed a push so badly I tagged myself. Also wise.

Do I need to keep this? Throw this? Or it needs more attention and time then I am capable of at this time? (hence, the question mark pile). And ohhh…needing to not just throw everything in the question mark pile. Tempting!!!

At one point I suffered for 3 hours. At other times, just a quick few minutes. But honestly, for any of you out there who struggle with these kind of tasks: I feel your pain. And I am not done. I still have more to do when it comes to where to keep some of the keep pile, and sorting through the consequence of the question mark pile. That toss bin was emptied many times, and I did end up just hauling the big garbage bin on the scene and piling stuff in. (Oh, and yes, recycling too).

The much tidier view, which I currently sit in front of as I type:

Thinking is an option here. And focus. Some room for space and calm. Yes, I’ll admit, I would rather be sitting here. But at least it no longer looks like my desk threw up, (sorry Heath) or my active mind.

Sure there are piles – but not all in my line of vision all actively screaming for my attention. And no, I haven’t been officially diagnosed with ADHD, not sure if testing is necessary.

To boost me along during this hard task, on a precious kid-free 1/2 hour Target shopping spree I rewarded myself by sauntering through the office space isles.

For near the price of my old habit (look here – 17 days ago and counting) I find these babies on an end-cap. These journals are all bendy, and flat, and colorful, and stack so nicely. And the inside. The blank wide pages of smooth space…

…are another comfort for me. I have them near me on my desk, for now all empty. I take a peek now and then just to calm down a bit.

(Oh, and indeed yes, 70% recyclable paper).

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  1. Posted September 27, 2010 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

    Ok can I just say woooooo hoooooooo, way to go, way to push yourself for 3 miserable hours in one shot, way to not dump it all in the ?? bin, way to create a desk space that looks so cozy and inviting!!!!

    I want to come sit there! I absolutely love the two shelves on either side of your computer. And the lamp is suddenly making such a statement – not buried anymore. And that chair – still the best find ever.

    I love it. Thanks for sharing the pain, and the process!

    And enjoy those blank pages. They are lovely.

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