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a spring shower—

in honor of heath’s flower. Smile! The goal on my mind: a fresh-life-filled April shower. That’s easy (and easier with a few kind offers to bring something! thanks again dears!!) with some smiling faces around any room—then add to that a to die for pregnant tummy and basically we all-for-one-and-one-for-all shifted into spring gear right [...]
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week three: wrapping

So this week we feature a wrapped gift. Is that what people are doing? Wrapping gifts? (Already???) I see you did it—and in style I might add Ms. Julie. Tonight I go to a Christmas Party and I am thrilled from head to toe. Would love to bring a little something to this lovely lady [...]
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half-caf party

The Teen. A year of teen-hood under her belt and a fresh-off-the-braces smile, it is time to celebrate her. At least that is what I am shooting for. You know those over-the-top crazy-making parties? Today was not one of them. I say go with anything in life that can result in less crazy-makingness. Cause either [...]
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