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a good excuse.

No kitchen? I know just the place! Num!! After daring to cancel on a meeting and being brave enough to ask for what I need, I get the reward of sitting in beaming sunlight and listening to the quiet of no banging and heav-hoeing. Ahhh. Fresh white subway tile walls surround me and all I [...]
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very charming.

Upon checking out at the register at my local Anthropologie, the cutest-of-cuties worker is setting up a display with a great big brown box of fresh shiny merchandise: lovely chains and shiny charms. I said something like “Oh! Oh!” and “Oh!!!!” Thankfully, she speaks my language and understood me as saying, “I wanna see! I [...]
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hope has come.

— And thank you dear cabin sharers for giving me the weekend to take these photos!
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a valentine for you.

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can you drink the cup?

For today, I hold the reality of what currently is, and the potential of more to come. For more of the soul searching- and gut wrenching peace seeking- and crazy making spirit filling- and out pouring accepting- and longing laughing- and crying wanting- and waiting loving- and hurting kind of moments—and the potential of more [...]
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restful thoughts.

Trying to keep some peace—find where it resides in myself and be open to more. Isn’t she lovely? So down to earth she is. She may be a bit tired after all the cutting and clearing away of the flowers—of which I am so proud of her for leaving a few undone. Yes, let go [...]
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week three: wrapping

So this week we feature a wrapped gift. Is that what people are doing? Wrapping gifts? (Already???) I see you did it—and in style I might add Ms. Julie. Tonight I go to a Christmas Party and I am thrilled from head to toe. Would love to bring a little something to this lovely lady [...]
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it’s all how you look at it.

 Whirly and swirly, she feels fully alive and warm by the presence of snow. She takes it in. -or- Eyes squinting in the harsh wind she roams around the parking lot freaking out as there is no sight of her car. Or any car for that matter. Her words are carried by the whisper [...]
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week two: homemade

What gift to give this group of women…??? It needs to be special. Very. These women hold so much on other’s behalf. A symbol of some kind…? What could that be…? The string of ideas from one to another lead Jen and I to getting out a pile of extra upholstery fabric. We get a [...]
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breaking it down.

Likely you’ve caught on by now that keeping up is an issue for me. (And I am in no way referring to the Jones’ family.) I’m talking the day-to-day stuff like losing my keys or phone, the piles of unrelated clutter, and tasks left undone that now look too overwhelming to tackle. {I am beautifully [...]
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