a good excuse.

No kitchen? I know just the place!


After daring to cancel on a meeting and being brave enough to ask for what I need, I get the reward of sitting in beaming sunlight and listening to the quiet of no banging and heav-hoeing.


Fresh white subway tile walls surround me and all I have to do is sit and bite.

Sip my mocha.

And take another bite.

Chocolate with marscopone cream filling. Yes to that bite. And then a little sample of the other.

Chocolate with buttercream. So simple and satisfying that yes; one bite does the trick.

I take the rest home to share with the fam.

And I feel like I have something else to offer the  fam as I head to my makeshift kitchen to cook up a meal on the skillet pan and do some dishes in the laundry tub.

I am so num for Yum.

Just what I needed.

I am amazed by how much grace is around me if I just stop and notice it, ask for it and embrace it.

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