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looking forward –

Did you just crack a smile? Or maybe a little smirk?? Me too! There are things—moments and afternoons and evenings—to look forward to. We get to move toward the longer days, and the higher temps. I am in. I am in for all of it. Had some fun scribbling and doodling on this rainy Sunday [...]
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happy february!

Thanks Julie for your adorable take on the month of February. It’s the kind of calendar you’ll want to gaze at, letting your eye’s sink in while sipping English tea from your grandmothers china set. As you sip you dream of using phrases like: “If the weather is agreeable we shall take a stroll through [...]
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restful thoughts.

Trying to keep some peace—find where it resides in myself and be open to more. Isn’t she lovely? So down to earth she is. She may be a bit tired after all the cutting and clearing away of the flowers—of which I am so proud of her for leaving a few undone. Yes, let go [...]
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shouldn’t be so kind.

This little cabinet of mine – it went from drab pine – to aqua shine. The golden knobs from Anthro, of course. I have liked liked— but not loved loved. * * * * * Maybe I treated it too kindly? Stop the madness. This is very much indeed what I would love. Like forever [...]
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striking out.

Sometimes the game and craft of seeking out steals and deals has its aches and pains. STRIKE ONE | STRIKE TWO | STRIKE THREE | Three great gold retro chrome rimmed tables. That’s three people! Any of which would be perfect for entering an aqua kitchen after rounding the corner of my gold living room. [...]
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cutting counters.

Much ado about this topic. And it’s not nothing. All in a tight time-frame of several things moving in: parents, winter and looming money topics. What should we do with the *%#@* tables in the garage, (or at least under his breathe) some said. Others said, “how fun we have these ready and waiting for [...]
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shelves that smile.

Come on!! The pops of color. The stacks and rows of fun items. I would feel like a tall-for-my-age girl playing house everyday. This artist, Anita Dawoodi is one I will now stalk intently. Though technically I don’t understand her written language, her inspiring photo’s say it all. The girl has style. And the white [...]
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wide open space.

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i’m it: craigslist.

I get on Craigslist for the first time, search vintage cupboard and this adorable thing appears! My traditional custom of seeing things first-hand (and touching, and ohhing and ahhing with coffee in hand with my emotional response), I’ve thought that to be my only option. But I’ve gotta say, I can get chills from online [...]
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craigslist: the tables? no!

Ok Julie. Yes, you are giving me a kick-in-the-pants, that has a sense of being kicked-while-I’m-down. (oh, that came across quite sad – I was going more for clever). So this whole Craiglist topic brought up an issue for me. You have all gotten to be an eye witness to the woes of my kitchen, [...]
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