light at the end of the tunnel.

Plumber Monday.

Electrician Tuesday and Wednesday.

And our contractors in and out as well prepping walls for the upcoming drywall.

The guys names—or “workers” as Mr. C says:


Cute, huh? I did not make that up.

And guys, I am so very sorry I referred to you as cute—it’s either that or as the disciples.

Honestly though, at a glance you all sound like honest hard workers—and sure enough you are.

A hint of what’s to come. That is what I have seen this week. A peek into what will be.

Recessed lights! And one lighting the way!!

I stand at the placement of the new gasline and turning around I can see a glimpse of the lay of the land. One of those “this is happening!!” sort of moments.

So much happens under the drywall, I tell you. So though it doesn’t look much different at a glance—key elements are in the works.

All the while Mr. K is at work and I am just bopping in and out.

And more ahead!

More as in I received a text today from Kitchen Kari that the cabinets order is in.

Oh my!!! Truly this process is moving along!!!



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