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what’s new [and what's old!!]

The birth certificate came!!! And earlier than expected—phew. Guess I am heading south this week!!!! Something else got delivered to my home address as well—that would be a few things! Shiny things. Some of the latest * kitchen * love. New appliances. Oh!! Oh!!! I had that we’ll get appliances someday attitude going strong. Was [...]
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cutting corners.

These naked drywall corners. It’s the burden of a 1970′s home, and it is a  tough one. This lack of character creates a feeling of nothingness. Emptiness. Dare I say, loneliness. What’s a suburban house-wife (blech!) to do? - As I’ve traveled near (hunt and gather), and far (ok, 25 minutes west) I have started [...]
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buffalo boots and a rug.

As I was being overstimulated in Buffalo in a room full of goods, I could have missed this find. Thankfully, I have a tall friend who noticed these babies at what happens to be her eye level. I tried to not jump on them, (or her) they could fit Julie, or Heath. But the squealing [...]
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